Youngsters On The Air

Educational Center “Čardak“, situated in the Special Reservation of “The Sand Pits of Deliblato“, was established in 2010. The purpose of the Center is to increase the consciousness of users in the area towards priorities of protection of the nature and towards stopping the decrease in biological diversity, through presentation and organized education about the principles of sustainable management, surveillance and administration, and in this way to approximate the Reservation to the standards of the European Union. The Capacity of Educational Centre “Čardak“ in The Special Reservation of Nature “The Sand Pits of Deliblato“ is consisted of: three houses with the floor space of 320 m2. The establishment of this multifunctional Educational center, surrounded by marked paths where one can find information boards, rest landings and view points, offers a complete stay in the nature, especially for school children, university students and experts in biological sciences. Here one can get information and seek help, take the advertising materials, buy authentic souvenirs and prepare local or international projects.

School-recreational center “The Sand Pits of Deliblato“ – “Čardak” is situated in the forest part of The Sand Pits, only 7 kilometers away from the village Deliblato. It is consisted of the management building, restaurant (for 500 people), 7 pavilions (two renovated, with 130 beds), 3 groups of bungalows, auxiliary facilities, sports courts and the following contents. “Čardak“ is surrounded by paths which are marked by information boards, resting places and viewpoints. It provides a complete stay in the nature for school children, university students and especially experts in biological sciences.